Watch Tobias’s SPCAF training!

Learn how to use SPCAF from Tobias Zimmergren, MVP Office Services and Servers.

  1. Walk you through the basic concepts of code quality in SharePoint and Office 365
  2. Introduce the SharePoint Code Analysis Framework core features
  3. Explain the different SPCAF Editions and client applications to perfectly fit your need
  4. Customize the product to enforce your customization policies our code quality under control!

Part 1 – Code Quality Basics

Duration: 11:18min

In the first part of the training you can learn about code quality basics and the importance of proper quality assurance in your projects.

  • What is Code Quality?
  • Why enforce code quality checks in SharePoint/Office 365?
  • Who cares about code quality in SharePoint/Office 365?
  • What does a Solution (.wsp) or an Add-in (.app) contain?
  • What traditional tools exist and what were they missing?
  • How can SPCAF help?

Part 2 – Introduction to SPCAF Core Features

Duration: 18:05min

In this second part of the SPCAF training you can learn more about what SPCAF has to offer, including:

  • What the SPCAF toolset consist of (SPCop, SPDepend, SPMetrics, SPInventory, SPMigrationAssessment).
  • What different report types exist and what report file formats you can create.
  • Get introduced to the SPCAF Benchmark Program
  • Get introduced to the SPCAF Results Comparison

Part 3 – SPCAF Editions and Clients

Duration: 15:55min

Part 3 of the SPCAF Training offers insights into the various SPCAF clients and editions, including demos of the Standalone client and the Visual Studio integrated versions. Tag along to learn things like:

  • What SPCAF editions we offer (Code Check, Audit & Review, Farm Protection and Quality Gate)
  • What SPCAF Clients we have (Standalone Windows Client, Visual Studio Integration, Server integration, MSBuild tasks, PowerShell, Commandline and the Results Viewer)
  • Demo of the SPCAF Standalone client
  • Demo of the Visual Studio integrated version of SPCAF
  • A brief teaser about the SPCAF Server version

Part 4 – Configure SPCAF and customize settings

Duration: 14:58min

In this fourth part of the SPCAF training you can enjoy learning how to configure and customize how SPCAF should behave. You will learn things like:

  • An introduction to the SPCAF Settings Editor
  • Configuring rulesets
  • Excluding files from analysis
  • Supressing results in the reports both from C#/.NET and from XML files

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