Rencore on Tour – 2016 edition

Don’t call it a comeback! Because for us at Rencore, we have never really left. The show floors, that is. One year ago, we collectively cringed in the face of the busy event schedule the next months would bring. In 2016, we anticipate every single event we are planning to attend. And there are plenty! … Continued

Rencore on Tour: The end of an awesome year

Well, where do we start? This year has been a bit of a marathon for us here at Rencore. If we had to describe 2015 in one word, it would be – events! There’s been plenty of them, from trips to Barcelona, London, Stockholm, Paris, Oslo and Munich to Redmond for the recent MVP Summit, we’ve … Continued

SPS Munich 2015: A look back at a fantastic day

If you’ve worked in the Microsoft world for any longer than 6 months, you’ll know it’s full of acronyms. From CSOM, to BPOS (remember that!), PnP and SDK, they are everywhere. However a couple are clear, in particular the term MVP. In sports ‘Most Valuable Player’ is its full meaning. In our world, it’s ‘Most … Continued

Rencore on Tour: Part 2

Time is certainly flying by! You may remember a blog post of ours back in March titled “Rencore on Tour”, which was our very own guidebook on some of the great events we were lucky to attended between April through to June. Now in September, we wanted to take a look at some of the … Continued

Recapping a busy few months at Rencore

And breathe!! The last few months have been pretty full on for us at Rencore. Matthias and the team have been busy racking up the air miles attending (and speaking!) at a number of SharePoint and Office 365 events around Europe. As we’ve said before, one of the awesome things about working with SharePoint is … Continued

The SharePoint Evolution Conference… what a week!

We’ve all been there. There’s a sporting finale, a special occasion or a new announcement around the corner, the excitement and expectation builds and //build/s. It quickly becomes the most talked about thing between your friends and family, your colleagues and your community. And then – “Ugh”. It’s a huge disappointment. The fanfare and hype … Continued

Rencore on Tour

If we look back, communities were once classed as small towns and villages where the population was no more than a few hundred. Nowadays, a community is far bigger and can link people together from different parts of the world. However, the premise of community remains the same. Communities support, encourage, engage in debate, educate … Continued

SP24 – The free 24h worldwide SharePoint conference!

You haven’t heard of SP24? Let us fill you in! Together with an awesome dedicated team of SharePoint addicts Rencore is organizing and sponsoring SP24, the first free, 24h, worldwide, online SharePoint conference! Think about it as a SharePoint Saturday, only global instead of local, on a Wednesday instead of a Saturday, with an audience of thousands instead of a few hundred, … Continued

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