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STOP using SPDisposeCheck (or MSOCAF) with SharePoint 2013! Now!

SharePoint apps and farm solutions require all sorts of system resources. These resources could involve memory, system handles or even database connections. Not dealing correctly with them can introduce nasty bugs and performance issues. The .NET CLR supports automatic memory management, using the garbage collector. But other resources need to be dealt with using bespoke code. … Continued

SharePoint health check (2): Extracting Customizations

When auditing the customizations on your SharePoint farm, the first step is to retrieve all of them from the productive SharePoint farm in their currently deployed versions.
This can be achieved by some PowerShell code executed on one of the farms servers.

SharePoint health check (1): Auditing the SharePoint farm

Maintenance is an essential part of running a healthy SharePoint farm. There’s a range of things to do to take care of the health of your farm, like
Checking the servers event logs,
Reviewing SharePoint trace logs with the recently re-released ULS Viewer …

Watch all sessions from SP24

Here are 98 free, awesome, eye-watering SharePoint sessions from SP24 Over the last 12 months Rencore have been heavily involved in developing and organizing a free, virtual SharePoint Conference called SP24 that went out to over 7500 attendees. SP24 originally took place on 16th April 2014 and lasted for 24 hours. We featured many of the world’s … Continued

SharePoint Code Analysis Framework BETA released!

The SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF) provides tools to analyze SharePoint code. This includes SharePoint solutions (.wsp) for SharePoint 2007 / 2010 / 2013 SharePoint 2013 apps SPCAF cannot only analyze assemblies like other tools as FxCop or SPDisposeCheck. It can also analyze all the XML code in SharePoint packages like Features, ContentTypes, ListTemplates and all the other files like … Continued

The Need for SharePoint Code Analysis

SharePoint has grown over years and is today widely used in companies and businesses as intranet or internet portal and as collaboration platform. One major reason for the success of SharePoint is the extensibility. The powerful API provides “boundless” possibilities to customise and extend SharePoint with custom code. Risk of Customisations Sometimes this extensibility is … Continued

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