Getting started on the web stack – Office Dev PnP Web Cast

If you’re scared by the recent announcements for SharePoint developers, you shouldn’t be. You can modernize your SharePoint skills easier than you think. Times they are a-changin’ Just recently Microsoft announced a new development model for SharePoint – one based on the web stack, open source web development tools and JavaScript frameworks. It’s nothing like … Continued

Office 365 Developer Podcast: Jeremy Thake with Matthias Einig

Jeremy Thake, Senior Product Marketing Manager for the Office Developer platform at Microsoft, who is regularly hosting his very popular Office 365 Developer Podcast, interviewed RENCORE’s CEO and SharePoint MVP Matthias Einig about Transforming SharePoint Full Trust Code to the SharePoint app model. You can download the podcast directly or listen on blog.office.com. Show notes dev.office.com/transform Top … Continued

Webinar: Developing high quality SharePoint solutions/apps with SPCAF

Still wondering why you should care about code quality in SharePoint projects? Then let SharePoint MVP Matthias Einig show you how to develop better solutions and apps with the SharePoint Code Analysis Framework. This session was recorded for the SP24 SharePoint online conference on 16th/17th of April 2014, proudly sponsored by Rencore. Or just see the results for … Continued

Watch all sessions from SP24

Here are 98 free, awesome, eye-watering SharePoint sessions from SP24 Over the last 12 months Rencore have been heavily involved in developing and organizing a free, virtual SharePoint Conference called SP24 that went out to over 7500 attendees. SP24 originally took place on 16th April 2014 and lasted for 24 hours. We featured many of the world’s … Continued

SP24 – The free 24h worldwide SharePoint conference!

You haven’t heard of SP24? Let us fill you in! Together with an awesome dedicated team of SharePoint addicts Rencore is organizing and sponsoring SP24, the first free, 24h, worldwide, online SharePoint conference! Think about it as a SharePoint Saturday, only global instead of local, on a Wednesday instead of a Saturday, with an audience of thousands instead of a few hundred, … Continued

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