My Top 3 Features of SPCAF Developer

Introduction SPCAF, or the SharePoint Code Analysis Framework, comes with some pretty exciting features which a lot of different roles in an organization can utilize. In this post, I will try and highlight some of my favorite SPCAF developer features, including Visual Studio integration. Having used this tool in anything from the smallest to the enterprise-grade … Continued

Building a mobile app using the Office 365 API

Over the last few years, Microsoft has been working hard to woo the development community over to the Office 365 platform. Under the guidance of new CEO Satya Nadella, things are no longer “Microsoft only”. For every major mobile platform there are now SDK’s available for other Operating Systems such as iOS and Android as … Continued

Suppressing Code Quality Violations Found by SPCAF

When analyzing SharePoint solutions and apps, sometimes the analysis reports show potential issues which are implemented that way on purpose. Still you might want to keep the entire SPCAF rule enabled as you would like to find other occurrences of the issue. Hence many of our users asked us to add a functionality to allow to … Continued

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