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Start the Analysis Right at your Fingertips

SPCAF is fully integrated into Visual Studio and can be easily started as part of day-to-day development tasks. Select a project or solution, run the analysis and create reports

screenshot_dashboardGet Results Fully Integrated

All notifications like errors and warnings are automatically added to the Errors List in Visual Studio.

Double click onto a notification opens the file which contains the issue and the developer can fix it immediately.

screenshot_dashboardAccess the Documentation directly

SPCAF provides a comprehensive help (online and locally in CHM format).

The SPCAF help can be opened directly in Visual Studio for instance by clicking an error message and choosing “Show Error Help”.

The corresponding documentation page for the error message is opened and the developer can get immediate help to solve the issue.

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screenshot_dashboardCreate all reports in Visual Studio

All reports can be directly created and displayed in Visual Studio.

They are stored in a temporary folder within the project structure and can optionally be saved to your source control system for later reviews.

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screenshot_dashboardConfigure the Analysis easily

The analysis can be configured via rulesets which activate or deactivate certain rules or whole rule categories.

SPCAF provides standard rulesets or you can define your own.

Changing the applied rulesets can be done directly in Visual Studio with the settings dialog.

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screenshot_dashboardRun the Analysis during Every Build

SPCAF provides a MSBuild task which can be easily integrated into a SharePoint project. This task can be used to run the analysis for instance during every Release build.

Detected errors and warnings are added to the Error List in Visual Studio and can be directly fixed by the developer. This ensures that the required rules are followed already early during the development process to save refactoring and troubleshooting efforts.

How to run analysis in a local build?

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