Continuous Integration Support

Ensure the Project Quality Continuously

SPCAF can be integrated into Team Foundation Server (TFS 2010 – 2015), Visual Studio Team Services or other build systems like TeamCity, Jenkins or Atlassian Bamboo to enable development teams, architects or quality managers to ensure that every SharePoint / Office 365 project is continuously analyzed during development.

The analysis results are stored centrally and can be reviewed later e.g. in a quality gate review.

tfsworkflowIntegrate SPCAF in the Build Process

The SPCAF Server license provides TFS build activities for TFS 2010 / 2012 / 2013 / 2015 and Visual Studio Team Services as well as MSBuild task, CommandLine interface and PowerShell Cmdlet for other build systems like TeamCity or Jenkins to allow integration of SPCAF into the build process workflow.

The build activities can be placed inside the process and can be configured to fit your needs to implement a quality gate during continuous integration.

tfsbuildFail Build in Case of Critical Errors

If required the build can be stopped (failed) by SPCAF if critical errors are detected.

This can be used ensures that only builds without critical errors are deployed to SharePoint.

Typically a build with SPCAF errors is finished with status “Partially succeeded” to finish the build successfully but indicate that something is wrong with the result.

You can use custom configurable ruleset to specify which rules should be included in the analysis and be shown with which severity.

droplocationResults in the Drop Location

The analysis results (html, docx, csv, xml reports and DGML diagrams etc) can be copied to the drop location right beside the build package.

All analysis reports then stored always with the rest of the team build and are available for the architect or the quality manager for a review.

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