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SPCAF Client Application

SPCAF comes with a client application which provides you with a guided analysis for WSPs and Add-ins. Review the compiled results of your development teams.

clientapp_addwspsQuickly Start Analyzing

Just drop your WSPs and Add-ins in the center of the application, choose the report types…

…and hit “Start Analysis”


highlevelresultsAdjust Analysis

In case, you like to choose the applied analysis rules, and the report types to be created, you can select an existing or a newly created ruleset. Also, you can combine multiple analysis runs to an “application” and name each analysis individually e.g. based on the application version.

highlevelresultsHigh-Level Summary

The results are first presented in a summary showing metrics about the analyzed components and artifacts

From there you can dig deeper into specific reports for Code Quality, Metrics, Inventory, Dependencies and Code Migration.

Report Dashboard and Charts

Charts summarize the data in each report and provide a graphical representation of the results.

The results can be filtered to avoid being overwhelmed by the details of the analysis.

detailedresultsDig Deeper

If more detailed information about the findings or metrics is required the user can dig deeper into the results.

At the lowest level, a detail view of a notification provides the source code and line number which helps to pinpoint of the issue.

detailedresultsCompare and Track Results

When you analyze one application multiple times over several iterations, you want to see which issues have been fixed or introduces and how the dependencies and metrics have changed.

The application summary report is only part of SPCAF Professional Edition.

detailedresultsCompare and Track Results

The application summary report also gives you a detailed overview over the progress of your development project and allows you to see if you are hitting your deadline.

From there you can jump directly into the reports of each individual analysis.

The application summary report is only part of SPCAF Professional Edition.

reportsSave the Reports

The generated reports can be saved in several different formats eg. HTML, DOCX, PDF or XML.

These reports are “self-contained” and can be easily saved for later reference or forwarded to other project members.

screenshot_dashboardShare Results and Review Later

Each analysis is automatically saved in a .spcaf file and can re-opened at any time without having to run the analysis again.

This allows a quality manager to run an analysis and later discuss the results with the architect or the developers.

Results can be stored in a repository for documentation purposes or can be shared with others who can use the free SPCAF Result Viewer.

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