Reports and Dashboards

Reports and Dashboards

Generate SPCAF reports in many different file formats, easily process them in other systems or create your own charts with the data

screenshot_dashboardGraphical Dashboards

View your analysis results in one high-level dashboard within your SPCAF client application and have the most important information at your fingertips.

Get an overview of the number of critical errors, the overall number of detected dependencies etc. and dig deeper into areas of interest with the available reports.

screenshot_chartsFilterable Charts

Visualize your results in various types of charts and to dig deeper into your analysis results behind the numbers.

The charts will show you for instance the solution with the most violations and will visualize code metric. By filtering results, they allow you to look at different instances of your analysis, providing yet more details by simply clicking the charts.

XMLErrorDynamic Reports

Receive all the necessary information to make developers’ lives easier and find and fix problems more quickly.

The reports contain:

  • Name of WSP solution or Add-in
  • Filename and location in WSP package
  • Filename and location after deployment to SharePoint hive
  • Source code of file (including decompiled code)
  • Affected line number highlighted

Check out one of our sample reports

Code Quality Analysis HTML DOCX PDF XML CSV
Code Dependency Analysis HTML DOCX PDF XML CSV DGML
Code Migration Assessment HTML DOCX PDF XML

screenshot_dependeniesInteractive Dependency Diagram

Create highly dynamic dependency diagrams and open them Visual Studio (requires at minimum a VS2010 Premium or any VS2012/VS2013/VS2015 license).

All nodes in the diagram can be opened and selected to see the specific dependencies and relationships of the item in the code as well as the artifacts properties.

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