Custom Rules and Metrics

Any Rule or Metric Missing?

Create your own extensions with the SPCAF Software Development Kit.

The SDK is included in all versions of SPCAF and makes it easy to develop rules or metrics with Visual Studio.


customrule_fullRuling yourself!

The development of custom rules for SPCAF is extremely easy:

  1. Create a class library in Visual Studio,
  2. Reference the SPCAF.SDK.dll,
  3. Add a new class inheriting from “Rule” and
  4. Override the ‘Visit’ method.

Sample Rule

custommetric_fullMeasure your Solution

Creating your own metrics is as simple as rules. Just inherit from “Metric” instead and you are ready to count everything in the analysed solutions.

Sample Metric


Drag and Drop!

To deploy a class library with custom rules or metrics you only need to copy the assembly to the installation directory of SPCAF and activate it in your ruleset.

During the next analysis your custom rules or metrics are loaded and executed. No config files. No custom registration process.

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