Configurable Rulesets

Configurable Analysis with the Settings Editor

Configure and edit your analysis rulesets with the Settings Editor and optimize continuous integration of development projects


Enable, Disable & Edit Rules

SPCAF comes with built-in rulesets. Architects and quality managers are free to use them as-is or configure and edit them to fit their continuous integration of development projects.

Depending on the requirements for target environments, it may be necessary apply only selected analyzers and rules during an analysis. Rulesets allow to activate or deactivate whole analyzers (like ‘FxCop Integration’), a whole rule category (like ‘Best Practices’) or just a single rule.

SPCAF Standard Rulesets

screenshot_dashboardChange the Default Severity of Rules

Each rule has an initial severity, like ‘CriticalError’, ‘Error’, ‘CriticalWarning’ or ‘Warning’.

These initial settings can be customized via a ruleset which allows, for instance, the quality manager to raise or lower the severity of a rule violation.

SearchRulesSearch Rules

To quickly find rules or metrics which should be enabled/disabled or have a different severity you can use full-text search in the Settings Editor.

All matching results for your search term are highlighted in the rule details.

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