Analyzes WSPs and Add-ins


All-Embracing Analysis of SharePoint Code

SPCAF has been developed to analyze:

  • SharePoint solution packages (.wsp)
  • SharePoint add-ins (.app)
  • Executables & Assemblies (.exe, .dll)

SPCAF can analyze code for all SharePoint version which are using WSP packages or add-ins. This includes the following product versions:

  • SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016
  • Office 365 / SharePoint Online

kisten_aufSPCAF extracts all contents and makes them analyzable

The SPCAF core engine does the major part: it can extract all the contents and organizes all components in a analyzable structure. This structure is then used to run the different types of analysis, like rule check, metrics calculation, dependency analysis and inventory documentation.

filetypesSPCAF Analyzes all Typical File Types

The major difference of SPCAF to other code analysis tools (like FxCop):

SPCAF can analyze ALL the different file types in SharePoint packages and apps. This includes:

  • Assemblies (.dll) with SharePoint SSOM and CSOM code
  • all SharePoint artefacts (.xml), like Features, ContentTypes, Workflows, Fields, ListTemplates
  • ASP.NET (.aspx)
  • JavaScript (.js)
  • Stylesheets (.css)
  • HTML (.html)

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