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All-Embracing Analysis of WSPs and Apps

packagesSPCAF checks all .NET SSOM, CSOM, JSOM, XML, HTML, ASPX, CSS, JavaScript and PowerShell Script against the quality policies, calculates metrics, generates dependency graphs and builds an inventory report.

Detailed Reports and Dashboards

chartsAndReports_To make it easy to understand the analysis results and take action, SPCAF creates browsable and printable reports, dashboards and charts or integrates the results directly in the error list of Visual Studio.

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Fully Integrated into your Development Process

Run in Visual Studio

Integration in Visual Studio

You can run SPCAF directly from the context menu of a SharePoint project in Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013, perform an analysis and create a report or a dependency graph.

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Run in Team Build

Analysis in Team Build

SPCAF can be easily integrated into the build process in TFS 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, Visual Studio Online, TeamCity or Jenkins for continuous integration.

This enforces a SharePoint code analysis for every project, for every build. If needed the build can be broken in case of critical errors. The analysis reports can be stored in the drop location for later review.

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Run in Client Application

Summary of your analysis results with direct access to all reports

Use the SPCAF client application which allows you to analyze WSP files or Apps without having the source code and without VisualStudio or SharePoint being installed.

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Compare and Track Results

New application summary report showing the quality changes over time


With Code Quality Tracking, you can compare multiple analysis results that have been made over the course of the development project and track the changes to code quality, metrics and dependencies.

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Fully Customizable & Extensible

Configurable Rulesets

SPCAF Ruleset Editor
Customize rulesets

SPCAF allows you to customize the applied rules, metrics, dependencies or inventory items by defining a custom rule set in the SPCAF Ruleset Editor. You can activate or deactivate rules or rule categories and you can change the severity according to the requirements for the target environment.

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Custom Rules and Metrics

Custom Rule
Create a rule

To create custom rules or metrics we provide a comprehensive SDK which is part of SPCAF. See how easy you can extend SPCAF with custom rules to meet your individual requirements.

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Extensible with Third Party Analyzers

Third party analyzers can easily plugged into the analysis process. SPCAF already provides the integration of following third party analyzers

  • Microsoft FxCop
  • Microsoft FxCopMetrics
  • Microsoft SPDisposeCheck
  • JSHint
  • CSSLint

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Explore the Code from all Sides

spcop_smallSPCop: Code Quality Check

spmetric_smallSPMetrics: Metric Calculator

spdepend_smallSPDepend: Dependency Analyzer

spinventory_smallSPInventory: Solution Documentation

spma_smallSharePoint Code Migration Assessment

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