Code Metrics Calculation

Measure what’s inside

Measures Security, Complexity, Maintainability and Migratability of Add-ins and SharePoint Solution Packages


How it works

SPMetrics scans the whole code and calculates and summarize numbers. This can be for instance

  • Number of Featues (depending on scope farm, web, site etc.)
  • Number of Resources, JavaScript files, Content Types, Lists, List Instances, Modules, Fields etc.
  • Lines of code per language (C#, JavaScript, CSS, ASPX, HTML)
  • Number of security relevant components

many more

How it looks

Read about metrics in the SPCAF documentation

Sample Reports


Measure Complexity of the Code

Metrics dashboard

The complexity of SharePoint customizations have a high impact on several things. A very complex solution is often critical for deployment, harder to upgrade and maintain and finally often harder to migrate to a newer SharePoint version or the SharePoint app model.

Knowing how complex a solution is, reduces risks for deployment and operation, helps with effort estimations for updates, can be migrated safer and makes everybody more confident about what is inside the package.

See Changes During Development

Metrics Assembly Artifacts

During a SharePoint customization project a lot of things can change: new artifacts are implemented, existing components are changed and unneeded elements are removed. From the outside of a WSP or Add-in these changes are impossible to see.

SPCAF can be used regularly during a project and the metric reports can be saved to Excel or a database. With this information architects can monitor what has changed during the project. If the project runs in the wrong direction (e.g. if unwanted customizations are implemented) the architect can intervene early.

Estimate Migration Efforts

Metrics Report

Microsoft has stepped up the release schedule for SharePoint and upgrades SharePoint online at a even faster pace. When a new SharePoint version is released in many cases some customization types are deprecated and new types are available.

Therefore existing SharePoint code that should run on the new SharePoint version cannot be used without changes and must be migrated. To estimate the effort for this migration it is critical to know which and how many artifacts are in the code and if they can be migrated or not.

SPCAF can help you to estimate the migration efforts more accurate by providing this information.


Detect Required Skills

Lines of Code per Language

If legacy code is handed over to a development team nobody knows what is in the code and which skills are necessary to maintain the code.

Is there a lot of JavaScript in it? Workflows, BCS models, TypeScript?

The metric report lists all this information and teams can plan which skills are necessary and may be required to be built up.

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