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Create and archive the inventory of all contents in Add-in and SharePoint solution packages and troubleshoot problems caused by customizations much quicker


How it works

SPInventory scans all WSPs and Add-ins and assembles a list of artifacts which are contained in them.

The collected data additionally contains important properties of the items, for instance in case of an assembly the name, version, public key token, platform and deployment target, for features the name, scope, id etc.

How it looks

The collected data is summarized in several categories and aggregated in browsable reports.

Sample reports


Governance and Documentation

Sample Inventory Report

An important task for administrators is documentation of changes in SharePoint. Which customization has been installed, what is the current installed version of the component, when has it been installed etc.

SPCAF helps you to create this information. The inventory reports contain all the required information and can be saved in your archive for later audits.

Validate Your Customization Policies

List of Customizations

The inventory reports also lists all contained SharePoint customizations, like TimerJobs, Webservices, EventReceivers etc. but in some SharePoint environments not all customizations are allowed and wanted.

Administrators can use the inventory information to ensure that the deployed code complies to the current customization policies and no prohibited artifacts are deployed.

Resolve Errors During Operation

In case of errors the administrator can use the inventory to find out which WSP solution or App is responsible for the problem.

If the error message for instance contains a FeatureID or the ID of a ContentType the IT Pro can check the inventory for this ID and can find out by which WSP or App the item has been deployed.

This helps to find out if the problem comes from SharePoint, a third party product or a SharePoint developer.

Prepare Code Migration

Architects can use the inventory to prepare the migration to a different SharePoint version or the App model.

In the inventory they get a list of all contained artifacts and decide which will/can be migrated or not.

This helps them dramatically to measure efforts and risks for a migration.

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