Code Dependency Analysis

Vizualize Relationships

Review all References between SharePoint Artifacts and to external Components with Reports and Dependency Diagrams


How it works

SPDepend checks the code for all dependencies between artifacts, for instance:

  • FeatureActivation
  • Content Type inheritance
  • JavaScript Framework dependencies
  • Dependencies to external webservices / REST endpoints
  • Relation between ListInstance and Lists
  • referenced images or files

many more

It also shows dependencies to SharePoint elements or to third party elements (e.g. dependent Features, ContentTypes, Assemblies etc.) helping to make sure that all required elements are installed on the target environment.

How it looks

SPDepend provides a helpful dependency diagram and reports that visualize the dependencies of the Add-In and WSP packages and apps.

A full list of all detected dependencies is described in the documentation.

Sample reports


Note: DGML requires Visual Studio

Ensure Maintainable Structure

Dependency Diagram

Architects use the dependency diagram to check the Sharepoint code for circular dependencies or unneeded dependencies between packages. This helps to ensure a proper solution design and a maintainable structure.

Check for required components

Dependency Report

The SharePoint administrators can use the dependency report before installation of the WSPs or Add-ins in SharePoint to ensure that all required SharePoint or third party components are installed.

If a WSP or Add-in package depends for instance on a specific version of an assembly the IT Pro can check if this required element is installed and activated.

Check Impact after Code Changes

Feature Level Dependencies

During development of a SharePoint customization the dependency diagram can help to make an impact analysis for code changes.

If a core component was changed the diagram can highlight all dependent components which may be impacted by the change.

Validate Sequence of Deployment Process

Administrators or architects can use the dependency diagram to validate the order in which the WSPs need to be installed.

The component without dependencies to other WSP or Add-ins needs to be installed first, then a chain of all next WSPs can be taken from the diagram.

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