Project Quality Tracking

Continuous Comparison of Analysis Results

We all want to improve and get better no matter what we do. Seeing whether you’ve actually improved however can be difficult to gauge.

What do you measure it against? Knowledge? Experience? Feedback? The Code Quality Tracking that comes with SPCAF Audit & Review will answer that question and allow you to see just how much better you’ve become in optimizing code quality!

Analysis Results History

Project Quality Tracking provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your analysis results, past and present.

The Analysis Results List serves as a history of all your previous analysis runs, offering a detailed comparison over time. It gives you an both an overview and – in case you want to dig deeper – an application specific view.

Grouped Analysis Results for deeper Insights

Especially when you are working with many different apps, Project Quality Tracking groups together different kinds of applications to provide a more detailed view.

You can then drill down into specific applications and see peaks in performance, any dips, what’s changed, and understand why you encountered a peak or dip in performance at a given point in time.

Application Summary Report

Has the quality of your code improved? Are you using more new artifacts than before? Are there more solved issues than new issues? What are the ratios between those old and new issues?

The Application Summary Dashboard visualizes your analysis results in a neat timeline. It also provides you with comprehensive charts of your key metrics, showing the number of features, web parts etc and the respective changes in code over time.

Compare Analysis Results on the Timeline

The Analysis Results Timeline lets you go into more detail on what has changed in a particular analysis, e.g. fixed and new issues, removed and deleted dependencies and artifacts for each analysis result.

The Project Quality Tracking is only available in SPCAF Audit & Review. But upgrading from older and other versions is easy. SPCAF will scan your old folders, so you can compare your older analysis results immediately and see if the quality is changing.

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