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SPCAF is a framework of components which analyse your solutions from many different angles.


Explore SharePoint & Office 365 Code from all Angles

Code Quality Assurance

spcop_smallThe Code Quality Assurance (SPCop) checks WSP and Add-ins, Javascript and PowerShell files for code quality violations and compliance to your companies customization policy with hundreds of rules in different categories, like Correctness, Security, Supportability, Design, Deployment, Best Practices, Naming, Memory Disposal, Localization etc.

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Code Metrics Calculation

spmetric_smallThe Code Metrics Calculation (SPMetrics) calculates numbers and indexes to allow measurement of complexity of the solutions, estimate the migration effort, or track the changes of your development project .

It can count for instance number of features, content types, fields, list templates, list instances etc. or lines of codes for each language like JavaScript, XML, HTML, ASPX, CSS etc.

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Code Dependency Analysis

spdepend_smallThe Code Dependency Analysis (SPDepend) scans the code for dependencies between components that help you to understand the customizations, plan  refactoring and migrations, and track dependencies that might cause security risks or downtimes for your end-users.

It detects feature activation dependencies, references files and images, content type inheritance, references between SharePoint artifacts like list instances etc. It also detects external dependencies to SharePoint and Office 365 components or third party components and webservices.

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Code Inventory Documentation

spinventory_smallThe Code Inventory Documentation (SPInventory) collects all the information in your code about the implemented artifacts and components and generates a thorough documentation to speed up the troubleshooting of problems in your production environment and to understand the impact on your farm/tenant.

It registers assemblies, resources, features, content types, list templates, called REST endpoints etc. and provides information about their main important properties like IDs, Names, Titles etc.

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Code Migration Assessment

SPTransformatoThe SPCAF component formerly known as Code Migration Assessment has been replaced with our new tool SPTransformator.

It allows you to analyze your full trust code solutions from all angles, provides guidance on and a planning framework for migrating them to the SharePoint Add-in model or the cloud, and takes care of the actual code transformation.

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Project Quality Tracking

The Project Quality Tracking continuously tracks the changes of within your customization over multiple analysis runs and helps you to understand what artifacts have been added/removed, which quality issues have been solved/added and how the gathered metrics change over time.


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