SharePoint and Office 365 development – Infographic

We recently completed our annual SharePoint and Office 365 development survey and asked respondents about the skills they're using and the skills they'll need to learn to keep up with advances in technology. Read our infographic to find out more. Report: #SharePoint and #Office365 Development 2016 - the #infographic Click To Tweet Get the 2016 … Continued

What kind of SharePoint and Office 365 developer are you?

What kind of developer are you? Do you take an open source approach to your SharePoint customization projects? Are you a fan of PowerShell, SharePoint Designer, or good old Visual Studio?  Do you use jQuery as your JavaScript framework, or do you prefer the more niche React? Are you hanging onto Server side work, or … Continued

SharePoint and Office 365 Development in 2016 – what we discovered

Who actually builds customizations for SharePoint? What programming languages do they use? How active is the Office 365 development world? Do they have the skills they need to do their jobs, or are they falling behind? Knowing about the community that helps develop, extend and enhance SharePoint and Office 365 is extremely important. From a … Continued

Announcing the Rencore Code Quality Assurance Certification Program

Software developers know better than most how important trust is when it comes to selling their own apps, solutions, and add-ins. Take the business-to-consumer (B2C) market – consumer trust in a piece of software can dive bomb immediately if the customer suspects their personal data may be used in ways they’re not happy about. The … Continued

Erdinger: a SharePoint Konferenz 2016 Recap

SharePoint Konferenz 2016 So. What a brilliant venue. The guys at ppedv, the organisers behind SharePoint Konferenz 2016, really know how to pick a great conference centre. I’ve been in quite a few smaller events and this has to have been one of the best staffed and kitted out venues I have ever attended. Being right … Continued

Waldek Mastykarz joins Rencore

Rencore is delighted to welcome Waldek Mastykarz Springtime! Who does not like it? It is the time of year when nature’s circle of life starts all over again. Where everything is new once more. The beginning of new things! This holds true for us at Rencore as well. Rencore has grown quite a bit over the … Continued

Erwin van Hunen joins Rencore

With the 2015 holiday season’s festivities and celebrations giving way to the new year 2016, it’s time to put down that one last glass of Glögg and final mince pie and focus once again on the working world. The promise of a New Year always brings a freshness and new vision to the opportunities and … Continued

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