What kind of SharePoint and Office 365 developer are you?

What kind of developer are you? Do you take an open source approach to your SharePoint customization projects? Are you a fan of PowerShell, SharePoint Designer, or good old Visual Studio?  Do you use jQuery as your JavaScript framework, or do you prefer the more niche React? Are you hanging onto Server side work, or … Continued

SharePoint and Office 365 Development in 2016 – what we discovered

Who actually builds customizations for SharePoint? What programming languages do they use? How active is the Office 365 development world? Do they have the skills they need to do their jobs, or are they falling behind? Knowing about the community that helps develop, extend and enhance SharePoint and Office 365 is extremely important. From a … Continued

Rencore Partners with AvePoint to Enhance and Secure SharePoint Customization Deployment at Microsoft Ignite 2016

Partnership combines AvePoint’s SharePoint deployment management solution with Rencore’s code analysis framework to help customers confidently deploy customizations into the cloud and on premises Atlanta— September 29, 2016 — Rencore, custom code analysis experts, today announced from the halls of Ignite that it has partnered with AvePoint, the Microsoft Cloud expert, to ensure the quality of SharePoint … Continued

PowerShell – Null comparison demystified

I have been working recently on the guidance for PowerShell rules. Rule research requires a lot of research and digging into how a programming language works internally, in order to find validity in community best practices. One of these best practices is to always compare to powershell $null on the left instead of the right of a comparison. … Continued

The challenges of building an SDK

This is a guest post by Erwin van Hunen – SharePoint MCSM, SharePoint 2010 MCM and Office 365 MVP – on the challenges of building an SDK I’m Erwin van Hunen, and I’m a Core Team member of the Office 365 Patterns and Practices team. What we do is try to help the community, together with the … Continued

STOP using SPDisposeCheck (or MSOCAF) with SharePoint 2013! Now!

SharePoint apps and farm solutions require all sorts of system resources. These resources could involve memory, system handles or even database connections. Not dealing correctly with them can introduce nasty bugs and performance issues. The .NET CLR supports automatic memory management, using the garbage collector. But other resources need to be dealt with using bespoke code. … Continued

Introducing the Office 365 API and SDK

Microsoft has in the last few years been working hard to woo the development community over to the Office 365 platform. The last 6-12 months have been particularly interesting with lots of news and announcements about the Office 365 API and SDK. One of the big pushes, and clearly something new CEO Satya Nadella is … Continued

Transforming customizations to the SharePoint App model: Part 1

This is part one of a four part series, focusing on transforming your solutions to the new SharePoint App model. In this post I am focusing on ‘Readiness’. I still recall how I “deployed” my first SharePoint 2003 “solution” with the help of batch files and manually modifying the web.config. Quite crazy if I think about … Continued

Loading a JavaScript library from a CDN

Why this is required I can see people still using script tags, get script etc to load external or other libraries into their SharePoint pages. Scot Hillier recently did something like this for the remote provisioning model (Blog post can be found here) However even in this awesome idea SOD/MDS and ADM have been ignored. … Continued

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