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Get the only tool on the market
to analyze SharePoint & Office 365 customizations

Analyze SharePoint & Office 365 customizations
and get deep insights

Load your customizations into our easy to use application and
get detailed information about code quality, dependencies, complexity and more.

Protect SharePoint & Office 365
from harmful customizations

Customizations are a critical component of every SharePoint & Office 365 environment.
Done either by WSPs, Add-ins, through the User Interface or SharePoint Designer,
they impact areas like deployment, security, operation and migration, but often in a negative way.
SPCAF helps to detect critical customizations.


Detect vulnerability risks inside code which could lead to data loss or abuse

Memory Leak Detection
Identify memory leaks which lead to uncontrolled restarts of IIS application pools or high memory usage on Azure.


Ensure your company specific customization and coding policies and rules

Get help during the migration of custom code to future SharePoint versions or the Cloud

Check for overwritten SharePoint systems file, disallowed database access, usage of unsupported API or external dependencies

Get guidance for the transformation of your full trust code to the new add-in model

Protect yourself against inefficient use of the SharePoint API that decreases performance

Automatically create technical documentation of all your customizations

Who should use SPCAF?

Many roles are involved in the SharePoint & Office 365 customization process.
Each of them can benefit from the usage of our tools to fulfill their tasks and save time and money.




Quality Manager


Define your SharePoint strategy

Many enterprises today need to decide how they can move their SharePoint environment to the cloud
or whether they can use a hybrid approach.
Our transformation tooling shows you your options if customizations prevent you from the move.

Stay on-premises
but be ready for future scenarios

Deploy a hybrid farm
and connect customizations across borders

Move to the cloud
and make your customizations ready

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From small consulting companies to the biggest enterprises in the world, they all rely on our products every day

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What our users say

“Super tooling which we use in Microsoft as well
to help our customers on the journey to app model.”

Vesa Juvonen

MCSM SharePoint, Senior Program Manager
in the Office 365 CXP team (PG), Microsoft

“”If you are serious about the quality of your SharePoint code,
at farm and app level, then you need to include this in your SDLC processes,
at developer level, during CI builds and as a QA gate.”

Sean Cochrane

SharePoint Platform manager, Barclays Bank

“SPCAF was of an incredible help when I was faced with the enormous task of analyzing 74 WSP files. My partners and I estimated the task at hand and we were in it for a couple of months, at the least! But with SPCAF I successfully found all the errors in the code over a single day. I highly recommend this Software.”

Alexandre Bastien

SharePoint Developer, GSoft Inc.

“This tool is a must have for serious SharePoint projects.”

Bernardo Antunes

SharePoint Developer, Tretton37

Supports all of it!

Our tools support all relevant SharePoint and Office365 versions and all types of customizations.
With a wide range of supported tools the analysis can be seamlessly integrated into your development and operational processes.

SPCAF checks…

  • SharePoint Add-ins
  • Sandboxed Solutions
  • Full Trust Solutions (WSP)
  • SharePoint Framework
  • Assemblies
  • JavaScript Files
  • PowerShell Scripts
  • Executables
  • Office Apps
  • Webapplications

SPCAF analyzes…

  • SharePoint Client Side Code (CSOM)
  • SharePoint Full Trust Code (SSOM)
  • SharePoint Framework (SPFx)
  • SharePoint XML
  • JavaScript
  • PowerShell Script
  • CSS

SPCAF supports…

  • Office 365 / SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint 2016
  • SharePoint 2013
  • SharePoint 2010
  • SharePoint 2007

SPCAF runs in…

  • Visual Studio 2015/2013/2012/2010
  • Client Application
  • Build Systems e.g. TFS, VSTS, TeamCity, Jenkins, Atlassian Bamboo
  • SonarQube
  • Commandline
  • Powershell
  • MSBuild

Get the know-how of industry experts

Our team consists of well-known SharePoint and Office 365 experts, including 4 MVPs (Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals)
with passion for technology, who love to share their knowledge with others.
With the use of our tools you get their know-how at your fingertips, every day.

Matthias Einig

  • Founder and CEO of Rencore
  • MVP Office Servers and Services
  • Developer of SharePoint Software Factory and the SharePoint Solution Deployer
  • Regular speaker at conferences worldwide

Erwin van Hunen

  • Product Owner Transformation at Rencore
  • MVP Office Servers and Services
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Master [MC(S)M]
  • Microsoft Office 365 Patterns & Practices core team member

Tobias Zimmergren

  • Product Owner Cloud at Rencore
  • MVP Office Servers and Services
  • Co-founder of Sweden SharePoint User Group

Waldek Mastykarz

  • Product Owner Customization Quality at Rencore
  • MVP Office Development
  • Virtual Technology Solutions Professional SharePoint for Microsoft
  • Microsoft Office 365 Patterns & Practices core team member

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